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#178068 - Grandad lay on his back sweating when mum walked around the bed and lowered her mouth to his cock and was just about to clean it with her tounge when I shouted at her to leave him alone, it was my cock I was the only one allowed to clean his cock, im his slave. When we entered mum said about going up on the escalator but granddad wanted to go up in the glass elevator, when we entered he pushed me to the glass front and told me to stand with my legs slightly open and as the lift went up he gently pulled my dress up a few inches and told me to look at an oldman by a chair below. The guy was looking straight at me as we went up to the next floor, as the button was pressed for the next floor granddad looked around and then told me to open my legs more and smile at the man, as I did granddad lifted my skirt a bit more until my pussy was obviously exposed.

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Mm best
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Fuck that was hot