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#160278 - Now me on the other hand, I was a year older than her, I was 6'0 (I know I was tall for my age) and about 135 pounds. The summer before this one I had made my own little room in the old storage room that we never used, behind the hay, so I would sneek up there into my little room (that was 15x10x7 feet) and look at my porn collection and masturbate for a while, then I would check the window that faced the house, then the one that faced the road, then hide my porn, and leave to go do what ever else I wanted to do. 5 inches, and none of the girls I had fucked ever complained about it.

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Marianne vi britannia
She is the most perfectly erotic woman ever not a skinny fashion model but erotic even in her smile what a lucky man to be with her
So good we need more