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#7946 - At first Lauren was so wrapped up in her own cum she hadn't even noticed what Joanne was up to, but when she felt her moaning loudly into her bare pussy she sensed right away that the hot mouthed mother was about to have an orgasm of her own!!! While Joanne and Kaylie were madly fingering their wet bulging pussies, Lauren gasped as an orgasm of brutal proportions began overtaking her, so in a wavering voice she ordered, O-okay, pussies, i-it's now or never, so let's cum together!!! The hot pussied mother-daughter duo didn't have to be asked twice, so as Lauren's huge vagina convulsed out of control in Joanne's wide open mouth, Kaylie and her mother both erupted in climaxes that left them shaking and spent as they both slid to the floor with their fingers still buried deep in their hairy cunts!!! It seemed like forever before any of them could even make a move, but finally Lauren struggled to her feet and plopped down on her chair with her legs still s

Read Masseur [MGW (Isou Doubaku)] E-4 - emergency fourth (Tsukihime) - Tsukihime One Eemergency fourth

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