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#324025 - Mal drove his cock as deep as he could into his daughter’s young cunt and left it buried there as his cock erupted and shot his cum into Holly's young cunt, after he shot several more loads of cum, he rolled of Holly's young body, and saw his son Josh standing there naked with a hard cock. Holly took her hand of her father’s cock and used her fingers to wipe up the cum from her young breasts, Mal looked on in disbelief as Holly licked and sucked his cum off her fingers, he was in shock and he knew she must have tasted cum before, and that she loved the taste by the way she sucked on her fingers. Holly took a deep breath, it was the first time her father had ever touched her in s sexual way and it made her feel funny, she closed her eyes as her father continued to fondle her young breasts, Mal removed his hands from his daughter’s breasts, at first Holly was disappointed that he had stopped, when, Holly felt her father kiss her breast and take her nipple into his mouth, she

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