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#269040 - The next day Sam and I sat and arranged the evening it was to take place after the show we had booked to see it was a comedy and we laughed for hours as the curtain came down we set of to the bar for drinks and then went back to our suite Sam went to shower in his room and we did the same dressed in our towels we sat around I made the first move and got up and told them to go on the balcony as I got champagne ready they stood on the balcony he again was behind her kissing her neck and then massaged her very hard nipples she let the towel drop and he did the same and I could see his huge cock resting between her ass cheeks she reached around and held his cock her eyes went so wide then lifted it to rest up her ass cheeks and then backed on to it with rhythm he rubbed it up an down so she could feel the thickness her body was now ready I could smell the aroma coming from both of them they embraced each other and kissed watching this black man seduce my wife was unbelievable he walked her

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