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#211860 - laying me on my bed he said you want me so bad i closed my eyes and let harvey start undressing me we was just getting into it harvey had me down to my boxers when mom walked and seen what was happening she turned away walked out on her way out she said im sorry i should have knocked killing the mood i put my clothes on to go talk to my mom. when she knocked i said come in but be quit my mom walked in and said hey do you want anything from the mall? im going to do some light shopping with bella yeah can you get me some ciggs and i need some new running sneackers sure thing son. is he okay? pointing to harvey no he is a little hong over i said tell him to have a cold shower and i will tell a maid to bring a big pot of coffee up mom talking of coffee she interupted and said you want a starbuck? i smiled said yes please when my mom left the house i let harvey sleep a bit longer until the coffee arrived i shaked harvey not stronly and said baby come get a shower h

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