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#82648 - He pulled her gently to an old mattress, that was thrown down their months ago by his mother, he laid her down, and unwind the gown off her arms, and behind her ass, down to her legs, staring at her very sexy belly, purple panty, and full, elegant thighs, he felt his hard-on nearly tearing his pants apart, he pulled down his pants, and nothing was underneath, his erect meat was out there, crying for penetration, she gazed upon his meat, with glistening eyes, it wasn't unusually big, but it was hard, and thick enough to make her purple panty turn dark purple due to her leaking wetness. Look dear (Mado), when I woke up finding you were about to rape me, I was really frustrated and refusing, but I can truly feel your love and care about me now, that I really want you to fuck me and take my virginity, I really loved you but I was afraid at the beginning, but now, you are my only love, and my stud boy, who will enter me with his stallion, come, come baby.

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Aoi tategami
Well if you shake your ass like this not sure if this is his fault
Koboshi uematsu
I would love to be the fan