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#64410 - Me and him where best of friends for acupple of years we spent most our time together. When we got home as soon as i opened the door my fathers hand struck me across the face and he said you lieing little fucktard ware the fucking hell where you all day I got up and looked at him seeing the rage in his eyes and i said i dident want to get hurt again His fist like a slege hammer hit me in the stomach and he said your a lieing little fuckiing shit if you dont want hurt stop doing it to yourself you anoying little emo fucker I stood up and yelled im not you just dot fucking beleve me His knee hit me in the knose i herd a distinct *crack* and felt it bent the wrong way wach your god damn language you fucking shitface. not knowing what he ment i looked around and realised he was pulling me onto the desk with him.

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