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#316393 - We laid there kissing and touching for a while than Melissa pulled the plastic dick out of me and said all better now try and get some sleep little sister as she kissed me forhead and exited my room, goodnight I sis I called to her for the first time feeling satisfied, that’s night I kept dreaming about me, ray and Melissa have a threesome and I woke to my alarm going off, what its holiday I thought and I am as horny as fuck, I picked up my phone Feed postmaster dogs, what the fuck I thought I don’t even have time to masturbate, I pulled on yesterday clothes that laid lifeless On the floor, all I could think about was what happened between me and my older sister last night my dream and how fucking horny I am, I got to the postmaster house there was anyone around not even the two dogs that were suppose to be there, stupid dogs I thought, my clit was thumping it demands, I thought I am sick of being so damn horny I will take care of this once and for all, than I will find this stupid dog

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