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#129791 - He left for the village, although Markus wanted me to stay in my room l didn’t think he would mind if l went to the kitchen and made a drink Mrs Swakye had gone so had to go through cupboards to find coffee and gave up looking for sugar but milk was in the fridge, l took my drink back to my room. I didn’t have to use the man-pussy pump to long as l was swollen most of the time, l knew Jake was going to love my swollen man-pussy if l get chance to show him. Jeremy said that since Markus and l were getting on, he and Shirley will be going as they had a table booked, Markus showed them out and from the hallway he called, he put his arm around my waist and led me to a door at the back of the house then before opening it, announced it was my room and where l will entertain him and went inside.

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