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#340013 - although we're both married with kids , I will call her or stop by for a handjob and she will take me to her bathroom or somewhere private and I will pull my pants down and she will jerk me off! But those stories are later )! For now I was curious of how serious she was about jerking me off whenever I asked! The next morning I was eating breakfast and Shelly comes in the kitchen in a small t- shirt and panties saying good morning! Her panties were very shear and I was getting hard watching her ass stroll around the kitchen. It happened so fast! I didn't even warn her! But she swallowed every drop of my cum! Many nights watching tv she would sit beside me on the sofa , put a blaket over my lap and jerk me off under the blanket. She my whole dick and my balls for a while than just sucked it faster and harder until I just came in her mouth.

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