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#15817 - But fuck! if Lou's sperm isn't the best she's tasted in a while--! It's then, as he cums hard down her throat once more, his cock exploding in her mouth as his whole body shakes, that Stacy remembers that she had accidentally skipped lunch today, so of course she's starving for any nourishment she can get! Stacy greedily, happily gulps down Lou's sperm, doing her best to get every drop as he'd ordered. Stacy finds herself responding to it by shoving some more of his cock into her mouth and bobbing her head up and down more passionately, eager to get some more of that tasty sperm to slide down her throat. Ma'am, that's your van? Stacy sighs heavily.

Read Safado Udonge no Kusuri B Zazai - Touhou project Work Udonge no Kusuri B Zazai

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