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#278966 - The socks fitted and the knickers were tight, l couldn’t quite button the pleated skirt, but it didn’t notice due to me putting on a belt and l couldn’t do the top 2 buttons on the blouse, Amyl’s jaw hit the floor when l walked into the kitchen he got up pulled me tight against him and kissed me full on, l could feel the large bulge in the front of his trousers, he whispered ‘daddy is going to fuck his little princess’, l replied ‘yes daddy’, Amyl ordered me not to talk just do as l was told. That evening me and Robert went to visit my aunt Silvia and she looked a lot better than the last few times l went to see her, also l returned the credit card l borrowed saying l had brought some lovely knickers and tops which she couldn’t wait to see me in. Stood beside the bed was uncle Robert with an Indian man who he introduced as Amyl then told me the man in bed with me was called Rasheed who asked me to lay down, l did as Rasheed asked, he began kissing the back of my neck while slipping

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Watatsuki no yorihime
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