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#411319 - Ms Giles was standing in front of my desk and without thinking l spoke to a friend next to me, she spun around and slapped me across the face for talking l can’t say it didn’t hurt. When we got to her house Julia led me straight to the bedroom she stood beside the bed and began unbuttoning her blouse then stopped and asked for help, l stepped forward and with trembling fingers started to unbutton the rest of Julia’s blouse then gently eased it over her shoulders to let it fall to the floor, the white lace bra she was wearing held her tits firmly together, Julia’s nipples were now hard and could clearly be seen protruding through the lace. I passed the arts block and saw Ms Giles sat at her desk in semidarkness, l went inside she looked up and saw it was me then said ”Mrs Renauld’s had spoken to her”, l replied it wasn’t me who told her, but a classmate, Ms Giles apologised saying she shouldn’t have reacted in such a manner, it was obvious she was pissed off about something, l joked

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