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#411085 -   Megan sighed out as she was left feeling empty, her legs were still slightly trembling as James moved away to take a seat on the lounge, he held his heavy cock in one hand and pushed the small coffee table away with his giant foot making room for what he had in mind, Megan followed shortly after, kneeling between his large legs, she smiled mischievously up at the James before pulling the red cotton Calvin Klein bralette over her head and throwing it away, her breasts were round and soft with just the right amount of firmness to help them not sag down her chest, light brown small areolas encircled her nipples and the area still showed light tan lines, her tits always got the most attention and even though James was more of an ass man the sight of her naked breasts had his cock twitching. I just mean… anyone would have scared me like that.   “ I’m sorry baby girl, just making sure your OK”   “ I’m fine thanks, James, I just don’t like being accused of being racist” she hit back

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The guy needs to learn to use the controls