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#420144 - As her friend jerked her clit towards orgasm, Pris lifted the front of Sam's shirt to reveal her braless chest and erect hard n?ipples begging for attention! Sam, Pris asked playfully, would you like me to suck your nipples!?! God you're a bitch sometimes, Sam panted, suck them for me now you little cunt!!! Little, asked Priscilla sweetly, you're the one with little tits, here, let me show you mine, they're much bigger than yours!!! Priscilla stood up and slipped her tee shirt over her head which exposed her full bra encased chest to Sam's hungry eyes. Well, asked Samantha, how does it look!?! Like a five year old, Pris retorted quickly, but I have to admit that it does look sexy in an odd sort of way, how does it feel? Mmmmm, very erotic, the air is really cool on it, Sam replied softly, look at my clit, it's all puffed up!!! Priscilla leaned forward for a better lo?ok, and was astounded at what she saw!!! There at the top of Sam&

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