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#172527 - Andrew had asked me and the boys out to celebrate his 19th birthday next week but my husband was coming home early from his trip abroad so I had to ring Andrew and tell him that we couldn’t make it and the reason why, Oh that’s’ ok Mrs. miller you look fantaaaassstic! “Why thank you Andrew” Look I’m sorry but the boys have gone away with there father for the weekend and I didn’t want to disappoint you again so I thought that you and I could celebrate your birthday together if that ok with you? Are you kidding me I would love to celebrate my birthday with just you? Great the sit down and I’ll get us a drink Wine be ok with you‘ Yes that’s great! As I went into the kitchen to get the wine from the fridge I undid my top zip a little more and also pulled the zip up the front a bit more I was now showing my a lot of my inside thigh as I walked back into the lounge I noticed right away his eyes were staring at my legs, I bent down to hand him his glass of wine and made sure h

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