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#120735 - The next day the wife answers the door bell and its the same guy and he asks her, Lady, do you have a vagina? and she slams the door shut. The woman tells her husband about the guy and he says he will stay home from work the next day and this time she should tell the man she has a vagina and see what happens. The man then tells her, Well then tell your husband to make use of it and stay away from my wife.

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Noel seeker
I m done man for the past 3 5 years i ve been almost daily on this website what s the point though i m not even doing this for pleasure anymore the short amount of endorphins that rush through my body afterwards are not enough i just want to be happy man is that too much to ask for hopefully someday i ll find somebody so i can end this monster i ve created
Annie hastur
Such a beautiful hot girl
Midari ikishima
Nice huh kees if you find out then let me know