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#263909 - , I decided to go fetch some drinks from the pool bar behind us. We showered and took a walk along the beach it was late afternoon and the sun was disappearing not a sole around so we hugged each other and got romantic , my dick hardened and she rubbed it , lets make love on the beach I said , not on your like she snapped lets go back to the hut and there you can fuck me. As she sat there he looked over and smiled , now I will teach the bitch some manners , with that he fucked her , she just kept saying don't stop fuck me fuck me , he did all night and for the next week , she was now his white slut and had to do anything he asked.

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Rihoko amaha
Ayo dis bitch left him for a cod player
Hakurei miko
She is fucking sexy n hooot
Milf is really hot