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#105639 - as i turned away i asked Amy to help emty the car we had to go in to town for suplies Amy smiled and said sure lets get to it. as i cut her of sayin you havent seen the rest of it yet let me show you around as we walked into the very large open living room and kitchen i pointed and started walking to the far side whare there was a big open fire place with a big pile of logs sittin next to it as we got closer Amy noticed the large alcove built in area with a large tv stereo cable system and 3 games consels (ps3,xbox360 and wii) she turned to me and said wow that tv is massif i then added there is a highend pc conected to it as well hunny. As i kissed and rolled over on to my back amy shot up looked at my cock with a wicked smile and said your turn daddy as she grabbed my cock put her head down and started to lick my shaft from the base up to the tip then taking hy head in her mouth working her tongue around as she took a little more in her mouth repeating this sevral times taking a lit

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Megu mikazuki
Yup downright awesome her stroke game is fantastic and he can take a beating
Shuusekichi seiki
Princess yummy