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#355957 - Monday sucks I thought to myself as I sat there, Alex was 14 whilst Jasmine was 15 their relationship was strong but it had it's days and one of them was definitely today because he was mad at her what does a 15 years old want with a 14 year old anyway I thought to myself as I wondered back to my room when I got there realised two things one his bedroom was a mess but more importantly his neighbour which of course is a girl a red head with a face carved by a supreme being and a body that must have made angels proud of their work. I strolled over to the kitchen to eat breakfast ah at least she made my favourite I thought seeing as his mother had made waffles with bacon and eggs after eating my mum dropped me off at school dammit this school is huge I could lost and never found in here I thought to myself . I had to rub my dick up and down for lubrication and to think I learned that very important information from porn not the poor education system, after

Read Bareback [Katou Teppei] Too Drunk to Hard-on Ch. 1-2 [Chinese] [拾荒者汉化组] [Digital] Fuck Com Too Drunk to Hard2

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