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#124334 - When i got in, she quickly leaned over and kissed me, saying oh my god, I was so turned on, I was getting ready to crawl behind the counter and eat her pussy, right there in front of customers Then she added your going to have to tell me to clean the car seat, I'm sure I've got it soaked right now and I laughed telling her I could see the juices on her legs in the store. Amy said the pleasure was all ours, and that the new outfit was our gift for being so kind I asked if Sandy was ready to leave and she said she just needed to change, to which Amy said that's ok, you can wear it out, I'll bring your stuff out to you in minute handing me the leash, and leading us back up front, unlocking the door again and I led my half naked wife to the Tracker and just closed her door as Amy walked out and handed me a bag, saying here's what she had on, and a few other items from me and the owner, please come buy again, and I'll call you to next weekend'

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Kisara tendou
So sexyyy
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