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#54655 - I turned to the table and said “right I’m off sorry guys, got a phone call from a friend and she needs me” they said good bye and I left, I stood outside shaking and wondering if I should be doing this and thinking how crazy it was when he came up behind me took my hand and started walking, he didn’t say a thing just put me in a taxi and sat next to me. I teased by showing little bits of flesh as we chatted and I saw his eyes light up when my dressing gown slipped to reveal my shoulder, he told me my shoulder made him horny, I touched it and replied “what this shoulder as I stroked it slowly, moving slightly to revel more, I kissed and licked it and smiled at him, he moaned and told me he liked that. I went to the bar to try and sort out my breathing and calm down a bit, but matt joined me and my heart started to race, my pussy clenched and I felt hot.

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