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#180554 - 5” dick “wow! For such a young man you’re your really big!” “Thanks” I said in a shy voice. Then I felt her worm breath on my head then her soft lips and her hot wet tongue as she’s bobbing up and down on my dick I feel her tongue licking all around my head “ohhhh ya that feels sooo good yeeaa ahhhh I ABOUT TO CUM!” so she starts jacking me off with her mouth wide open and tongue out ‘ahhhhhhhh yeeaaa that feels sooo good” as I shot a big wad of cum in her mouth and all over her face “I didn’t no I could feel soo good” “mmmmmmmm that was good” she said as she licked her lips she wiped her face off the grabbed my hands and put them on her firm tits “massage them” she said in a kind voice “good you want to contrite on the nipples because that is the most sensitive part…. ” I was sitting on her bed just trying to think what just happened I was excited scared and confused all at once then she walked in wearing this sexy loose robe “are you ready for this” she said in a really sexy voice “

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Forgot to mention her great tits in love with her