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#264620 - so we are still in shanghai so me and harvey was walking around china and harvey said to me babe i love it here i turned to face harvey and said i do too babe its been a nice long vacation harvey stopped me as we was walking down renmin avenue and said why not make it a bit more perminant? i looked at harvey and thought is he serious so i said why not just buy a manson baby harvey walked away from me and said there was no need to take the piss so i walked back to the hotel and sure enought harvey was there when i walked in i said what was that all about harvey walked upto me and said i was being serious i think china is a beautiful place babe and id like to live here so i thought for a moment and said okay baby you really wanna live here maybe we should look at a few apartments to buy but at this stage im serious when i say only look so i turned on my ipad and we had a look there was some beautiful place but i said to harvey baby what about are family are friends h

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Ataru moroboshi
Love this but lets hear more of your sexy voice or some sign you guys are having fun too quiet
Cyberdoll may
Nice ponygirl