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#200808 - He continued to rub his penis gently with three fingers on one side and his thumb on the other going slowly the whole way down and rising back up again, the tempo was starting to pick up and then his whole fist was around the huge cock but then he suddenly stood up as there was a knock on his bedroom door, shoving on his jeans and trying to hide his now fully erect member as best he could. ) As Bryan entered the shower room he was surprised to see his son taking a shower but more shocked to see that his son had one of his finger up his ass slowly inserting it, he then took that finger out and added another this time he started to finger himself faster and harder then before, it was evident that he was masturbating, Bryan started to rub his now semi erect cock getting off at watching his little boy finger himself, God his son was so fucking hot, Bryan stood there and took in his sons naked body, his strong legs large bubbly butt and large shoulders at that moment he just wanted to join

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When you played with his cum that was next level sexy