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#14343 - He quickly accepted her offer, but before he got on, he stood up and casually removed his loose fitting shorts, exposing his penis to her now interested eyes. Picking up a shells as she went along, Amber could all ready feel the heat from the sun warming her bare back, even at this early hour! When she was far enough away from the main swimming area, she slipped behind some rocks and remove her shorts and halter top, and then lay down on her blanket for some serious sunning! Back in Ohio they didn't have any nude beaches, and even if they had, she wouldn't have had the guts to go naked in front of people she may have known, and even in France, five thousand miles from home, she found a secluded spot where no one would bother her. She was half asleep and didn't hear the foot steps of an approaching male who also was doing a little shelling, and she was startled awake when he said in a heavy French accent, Good morning mademoiselle, it is a beautiful day, no!?! Amber w

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