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#350468 - When she lowered her dress again I convinced myself that I could see her cunt and the rings through her dress. The two of us started to dance together, I wanted to know what had happened, she told me that all the guys had touched her up, I asked her what they had done, she said that all of them had squeezed her tits and several had put their hands between her legs ,she hadn’t complained, she said she was glad she had had the slit put in, also one of them had asked if they could see her again, she had told him they could, but they would have to earn it, he had asked her what she meant and she had told him that they would have to find out her telephone number themselves, he asked her how, she told him to look in the paper, the one her advert was in, and he could find it there, he had said how would he know it was her number, she had told him he would know if he saw it. I asked them if they liked Maria’s rings and hairless cunt, Vasko said there was only one thing they would like to s

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