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#71888 - ” “You know and I know that if mom finds out what I show you that I want to do to show my love for you, there will be hell to pay. “It’s just a bit of a setback is all it is, which you will find will happen from time to time throughout our lives, but it is nothing that we cannot handle. ” “A kiss on the lips is one way to show love I guess as long as it’s just a peck on the lips like when you kiss someone on the cheek or cheeks, or is there another way you want to show me your love?” “I think I want to show you in a way that dads and daughters are not supposed to show toward each other.

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She s soo cute love how nerdy she looks can t help it i have a thing for nerds men though
Tatsuko itagaki
Damb baby u look like a bobble head lol