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#196169 - “Well not exactly, But I did catch Claire giving head to a guy in a night club toilet once” I said laughing “Wow, I guess you must be ok with it mate” Said Dan “Yeah, it brought us closer together, she sleeps with people she fancies and so do I “I said Over the next hour we ate and talked about fucking various people, Dan and Louisa listened and shared various illicit stories with us about swinger’s parties they had gone to. “So when shall we do this again?” Asked Louisa “Well we are free next weekend, what about if we make a long weekend of it?” Claire replied “Ok, but we might have some others joining us, if that’s ok with you two?” “Sure the more cock the better, who are they?” asked Claire “I will let that be a surprise, But I hope you are game for anything as one of the surprises could get us into trouble!” Said Louisa. Claire lay down on her back and Louisa dove between her legs and started to expertly eat her out, in no time Claire was bucking her ass and groaning,

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God has left the chat
Keith goodman
No wonder you have to use a fake guy none of us would last 20 minutes with you riding us