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#91025 - CASANOVA Always the same - Never asking for love I have to obtain Its marvellous bluff! Sometimes I try To spoil the game But still I'm a winner Again and again! It seems me so often That feelings are over, But I am compelled To be Casanova! **** Crazy is the way I gonna love you But nothing could be done it is my style, I lose the sense of time and my location, I send my wizdom for a long exile! You must be ready to my mad surprises, And you will have to lose your peaceful life 'Cause I am Phonex burning heart for lovers And afterwards I luckily revive! **** Let your arms turn into snakes, Throw them round my neck… If you want to strangle me I will not step back!. If you smother me with kiss I will die with smile, Only let me feel the bliss Just for a little while… I don’t care what’ll be then But I hope you do, ‘Cause I feel the light of love When I look at you!.

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Yuuichi aizawa
She looks so hot in glasses
This is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen omg