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#271615 - Frank listened as his lover confessed to having had been a very bad boy, and that if he though that he should be punished, well, he understood completely! Frank nodded, and then ordered Gary to remove all of his clothing. Gary made an involuntary shudder, because he knew from past experience that while some pleasure could be divined from the big latex sex toy, a lot more pain and discomfort were going to be the order of the day! Thankfully Frank was applying a light coating of KY jelly to the plug, because without it, it was like driving a rail road spike up your ass! Bend over, Gary, Frank ordered, until you decide not to have any more of these, shall we say, out side meetings, we'll have to punish you like the little boy you act like! The plug pressed hard against Gary's rectum, but Frank showed now mercy, and roughly jammed the conical object hard into Gary's butt hole! Gary tried to suppress a scream, but the plug was just too large for him, and he let out a lon

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Lunamaria hawke
This is amazing love it
I couldnt stop laughing
Kotori minami
I totally love the way you ride i wish i could be that toy