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#27959 - It was while I was moving my cock she said why not get comfortable and strip of, I didn't need telling twice, my shorts and shirt hit the ground before she had finished talking. We had new neighbours’ move in over the road, a nice young couple, they were mid to late 20's both good looking, she was about 5ft 6, and well shaped, but with huge tits, must have been EE or F cup, as time went on we got to know them and became friends, we met them for drinks a few times and Jan often wore very revealing tops to show off her boobs, which although big, didn’t sag too much. The next week the same thing, I knocked on the door, but this time she held the towel in front of her, after letting me in, she turned bare ass and walked back to the shower, the towel over her arm, I knew then she wasn’t shy.

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