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#358328 - You know, this may sound strange but I actually dreamt that I was having sex but couldn’t make out who it was in the dream Well I thought I saw some movement and a couple of groans coming from you when he laid you on you’re stomach and fucked you from behind I only have one question for you my love, yes Bev, and that would be…when do I get that fucking cock again. Oh she usually calls a few of her male friends over to use her, then she gets rid of them before I get home but she always tells me about each and every adventure as she sucks me of fucks me. I knew we had 3 more tunnels to go through before we got home then after the last one which was a fairly long one it was only another 2minutes We got to the next tunnel which wasn’t so dark and I glanced in the mirror and saw Pete playing with her nipple twisting it with his fingers, Mmmm interesting but I didn’t say anything, to be honest I was starting to get turned on watching it.

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