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#19596 - do you want anything to drink jonathan she asked before she sat down no im fine why dont you come over here and sit with me i asked patting the seat next to me on the coach i had made sure that we had a very touchy feely realationship probably cuz i loved to feel her ok let me get a drink 1st she said and left and came back with 2 cokes i figured i'd get you 1 for later she said handing me 1 thanks took and we sat there and watched T. i just wanted to touch your boobs i said like a little 10 year old we cant do it here lets go to my room she smiled we fucking ran to her room and i shut the door (i dont know why) and we started kissing i broke the kiss haley you know what gets me really horny what i love panties i sayed devilishly you do do you spread out on the bed she demanded so i did spread eagle on the bed take off your clothes first i silently and quickly got up and did as i was told kind of embarassed that i had to be told to get naked then

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Poplar taneshima
I d let you rip my esophagus
That was sweet