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#114987 - One thing I told Steve was to let the guys know was it would be a total no hole’s barred from anything for the weekend, but Saturday from 12 till 6 pm and the same on Sunday was for us to get some rest, the guys could fuck, fist and piss in any hole and apart from scat anything else was Ok to try, I also told him I would notify all the guy we knew and more to attend too, and I would put notices in our web sites for guys with his number. I saw Joy heading to the bench, one of the dogs was brought up, and soon had his cock buried in her pussy, quite a few guys stood around watching, their first doggy show, cocks took a pounding as they blew cum over her face, or in her mouth turned on by the sight in front of them, Joy told them to save their cum for later as there was a lot more to come yet. As he pulled out and shot the rest of his cum over her, Joy stood, her ass now over my face, I waited as with one good push, my mouth was flooded with salty horse cum, I took it all and th

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