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#341685 - *That bad huh? It's…” There was a rise of a chest in the pause. My response to them was usually something to the effect of, “You have a point, and judging by the fact that we are not going at it hot and heavy in the parking lot right now, well you’re right, I still haven’t met him yet,” Now, here I was, a breath away from a guys lips, my hand on his ass, his hands holding me firm and I was nowhere near needing an airsick bag.  The smell of old pine and oak, mixed with the essences of firewood and smoke, created a scent that only enhanced the Alpine feel of the place.

Read Enema ムチムチ幼馴染と元飼い猫の話 - Original Butts ムチムチ幼馴染と元飼い猫の話

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