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#103930 - My face was streamed with tears as he pulled my head down so my nose was mashed up against his pubic hair so I couldn’t breathe, I gagged as his cock was forced down my throat as suddenly it started to twitch and spasm in my throat, he clenched his teeth and held my head a little longer before shooting his cum down my throat, forcing me to swallow all 4 shots of cum, splashing into my tummy and soon I felt groggy and sick. “Fuck, you’re so fucking tight baby, take my cock baby!” he shouted as he pounded into me, painful thrusts, causing me to scream every time he plunged into my tight, hot cunt. This time, he laid next to me, stroking my cheek as I stayed tensed up and my eyes tightly shut, I hadn’t noticed he had taken his pants off and was now in just a t shirt and boxers, almost like me.

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