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#322230 - Stepping inside Julie said nothing as she looked me slowly up and down, then in a voice that sounded like chocolate poured over steel she purred, Last chance to back out, are you ready to become a true slut? I just nodded as she went on, mine totally for the next 48 hours? I nodded again, my mouth too dry to respond as she barked, STRIP. Often I have to fake it with my husband, but not last night, as I came easily and viciously as I pictured myself as a dog slut. As I heard Julie reply I realised that it was the other woman who was fingering me.

Read Morena マン願成就!<日変神社の巫女さん日記>: 大吉① 巫女の神通力は処女なりき! Rubbing マン願成就!<日変神社の巫女さん日記>: 大吉① 巫女の神通力は処女なりき!

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