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#244379 - He knelt me on the bed and opened my cleft up then licked and tongued my little hole until I was moaning with the pleasure of it then I felt him putting gel around and inside of my hole and his still wet cock was pushed against my hole until it seemed to burst in and I felt really uncomfortable but he said if I loved him I would let him keep it in which I did. I never knew what sex was and certainly never talked about it with my friends at school so imagine my surprise when one day as I sat on Uncle Johns lap he briefly kissed me on the mouth, he said that as I was getting older it was time I learned about man and boy pleasures. He withdrew from my mouth then kissed me passionately, his tongue probing my mouth while my hand sought out his huge hard cock squeezing it hard and wanting it back in my mouth but he wanted his finger into my hole again.

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