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#297542 - But every time I did so, he would lift his pelvis, thrusting up at me; his hands were either side of my head and as his thick cock pushed into the back of my throat, his hands would push me harder down onto him, blocking my airway, causing me to gag and cough, as more and more salty pre-cum oozed into my mouth. Why do so many guys go out with their friends, hoping to pull a complete stranger? Don’t they realise how it puts people like me off approaching them? I mean, if I’m not overflowing with confidence, I’m not going to risk multiple humiliation by being given the brush-off in front of 2 or 3 of his mates, am I! Maybe the friends are a defence they can hide behind when they want to, only to emerge on ‘the hunt’ when they see a suitable prey? Whatever, eventually this young guy comes into the bar – on his own – and aside from his short ginger hair, which is not my usual turn-on, he is what I would call ‘my type’; mid-twenties, not too tall, lightly built, clean-shaven, smart dre

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