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#148809 - At the time about which I am writing back in the 1950s, I had not tasted blood from the neck of a female victim in over 200 years, although I could still remember it with piercing clarity, and three were days when the craving was almost unbearable. There are no words to describe that climactic moment as I fill her with my hot seed, and feel her life force flowing in an incandescent stream throughout my body as her blood pulses from her punctured arteries. Like most of my kind, I stopped ageing at about the age of forty five when the normal processes of fleshly decay became arrested, and I have looked the same now for nearly 1500 years.

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Hahahaha this happen in the universe of deus ex
Alice yotsuba
German women are just about the best however for some guys a big drawback is most and i mean 75 percent make you use condoms i lived there nearly 8 years great times i love my german ladies
I was singing along with the music