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#365077 - The two big black women were no longer needed and had found more than enough things to occupy themselves in the strange adult motel complex! Sissy was setting next to the car and her thoughts were immersed in the events of the evening along with her very sore pussy and branded bare buttock. The two rottweilers that had licked her pussy to orgasm in her back yard a week or so ago! This young bitch, of course was also well trained and well used as Sissy would later find out! And the sixth was of course the red headed young woman, she had witnessed being sadistically abused in the motel room not that long ago! And she, had been made up as an almost exact twin! and if one did not look really close, could have easily been confused for each other as they looked very much like beautiful red headed twin sister bitches! Each of the bitches were being lead up close to the male dogs that had arrived, so that the dogs could smell them and so that the bitch would know and easily submit to the

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