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#15342 - Terry use to call at 06:00 am on his way to work, or the odd evening when his wife was out, after about 3 months Terry's visit were infrequent, Terry told me he'd found a regular fuck in his neighbour's 30 year old son Nathan, who was effeminate, Terry and Nathan's situation worked out quite well, Nathan was available 24/7 because he lived at home looking after his parents, Terry wife was out often attending different societies. Without warning he gave me a long French kiss, the dog sat on my bedroom chair quietly,I help Ted undress when he was down to underwear I was pleased he didn't wear Y fronts or baggy boxers shorts, his underpants were a pale blue classic jockey type, the label said they were St Michael a Marks & Spencer brand. We removed each other panties before we laied on the bed While we were on the bed I asked Nathan whether he'd be able to fuck me, my cunt fuck hole was wet and hungry for cock, Nathan said like me he's usually a botto

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Chizuru nanbara
That your girlfriend gabi
So beautiful