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#369715 - This is the captain speaking, came a voice over the loud speaker, we'll be landing in Memphis in ten minutes, so please fasten your seat belts. Could you please put a finger inside of me, I really need to feel that you're close to me, and with you in my vagina I know I'll feel safer! Of course, Trent answered eagerly, what ever you wish is my command, as he proceeded to slip his middle finger deep into the wetness of her warm pussy. He then told her, Reach over and feel my crotch!!! When her hand encountered the hard bone hidden under his pants, she nearly had her climax then and there! Take it out, he ordered her, and then jerk me off! She managed to free his pecker and immediately began stroking it up and down.

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Tai kamiya | taichi yagami
Nice one you know what you do keep doing more p s personal preference is when girl makes little more noise