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#248770 - We returned to bed and while laying their l asked Silvia if she will have a baby, she gave a laugh and declared that my baby seed has to go into her womb it doesn’t matter that she swallows my seed then added that she had a contraceptive called a coil in her womb to stop babies then kissed me telling me not to worry. After that morning Silvia became like a second mother and lover, she would bathe me as well as giving my cock a good wanking while in the bath, l was loving the attention and of course the sex. We got into bed and while cradling me she announced that she had booked a caravan for 4 weeks just me and her for the summer holidays, so l wouldn’t be able to spend too long with my family if l wanted to go then warned me in no uncertain terms to forget any ideas about working for that whore Mrs Martin if l didn’t want to receive any more slapped bottoms.

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