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#238113 - I guessed it to be around 11ish when a lot more guys arrived, there was no way I could count the guys there but it was a lot, things picked up as more and more guys wanted to fuck the girls, it was nothing strange to see them both with all three holes filled and new guys taking their place once a hole became empty, I still had enough bi guys to keep me happy, again the girls put on a show for the new guys, lots of cheering and remarks made about them being sluts and animal lovers etc, but by now the girls didn’t seem to care. I saw Jan with three guys, so I took my hard cock, got her to take a sniff of the amyl, then straddled her back, with a bit of effort slid my cock in her ass with the other guy, now she had 4 cocks in her, as she squirted hard, letting us all know she was more than enjoying it.

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She is sexy asf
Momo chiyoda
Cute and sexy